Make smile, connect by sports.Make smile, connect by sports.

We aim to be a innovative global company for possible to realize better social through true sportsmanship.


Derives from ancient France word "desporter" which means "to take pleasure, to amuse oneself". It is certainly, the sport is originally play or recreation. Established in the public schools in England in the 19th century, it has expanded into an important educational content for human education such as keeping loyalty to one's nation and organization or working as a team while respecting indicidual abilities. We, School Partner, defines that playing sports really should developing skills (or help the students grow) while enjoying the sport together, and we aim to spread the joy and greatness the sport truly has through our business activities.


Satisfactory pursuit of customers and supporters

"Supporter", mainly in football, refers to supporters, patrons and enthusiastic fans. Players are able to show a better performance with a supporters' support. School Partner is about concerned of everyone, supporters and clients in our company, as well as members of our sports school management team and event participants. School Partner is about reaching out to everyone concerned by pursuing their satisfaction by striving to reach various fields with the sports as a base and becoming the power of choice to open up the future.

Tireless challenge against employee growth

The property of the school partner is "employee" a so-called person. The School Partner has a personnel-centered management system, and human resources management is carried out under the philosophy of "growth of people" = "growth of company".

Contribution to the local community where we live and work

The social contribution literally means to do one's best for the society. The planning and management of sport schools and events at School Partner cannot be accomplished without the cooperation and support from the community. It is our belief that contribution to the society and the local community can be made through business operation with gratitude to the community. Further, we will expand our global contribution by serving as a bridge between Japan and the world through sports and IT in our branches in the U.S. and Southeast Asia.

Enhanced value by wholesome business activities

We will expand our business gainfully through operations based on high social ethical standards without failing to comply the laws and regulations. We aim to be a trusted global company domestically and internationally by establishing a solid operating foundation.