New GraduateNew Graduate

“The sports” gives excitement and impress to people.
It gave us learning of teamwork, consideration, and pleasure to make effort.
It is decent to choose a job as ‘starting line’ of your life, can do because of sports.v We are glad to have the person who always challenging as don’t forget ambition, or very lively, or can grows up with us through learn by mistakes.

Mid-career recruitmentMid-career recruitment

We need your experience make use for sports business.
We are glad to have the person who feels fascinated by creating sports company through put your experience, or sports-minded.
Please tell me about your passion for sports, or your experiences.
*We accept throughout the year.

Athlete RecruitmentAthlete Recruitment

2017, School Partner Baseball Club starting in earnest.
Play for competition as a player in giving it your all, and coaching sports for children.
We create new employment system for active athlete.
You can tell something because of top athlete.
*Now we accept for baseball.

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