School Partner Company, Limited does wide ranges of sports schools such as Lions Baseball School for infants and elementary school kids, fitness schools for elderlies.
Also for overseas, we have figure skating and soccer schools with our original teaching method. Furthermore, we are expanding various types of business such as sports solution utilized by information technology and consulting services for operational procedures.
As an “All embracing Sports Service Company”, we are aiming for a Japan-based Sports Company that is at a world standard with our slogan of “Make smile, connect by sports”.


Sports + IT

Customer Management System・Offshore Development
Focus on sports without being bound by sports industry
We engage in Southeast Asia-based offshore development
Outsource, Decline in Cost, Risk Treatment, A Sense of Speed, Quality and Improvement

Worldwide Sport School Service

Overseas School Development, Study Abroad Support Service
There are approximately 600 schools domestically and internationally, such as Lions Baseball School, soccer schools, cheerleading schools for kids, fitness classes for seniors, etc.  We also support students to study abroad as student athletes in such as golf and figure skating fields at our overseas branches.

Sporting Event Planning and Management

Joint Ventures with the local community such as revitalization of local towns. We plan and host fun sporting events for all ages where they can participate and perform their daily practices in public. We also plan and operate joint venture with the local community and the government to revitalize local towns which helps to boost the local development and economy.

Targeting Wealthy Class in Southeast Asia

Know-how for Sport Business, Product Competitiveness, Behavioral Habits
Fair Price Survey in Trading Area, Organizational Climate Development
Currently, we are expanding our business in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi) in Southeast Asia.  We aim to further develop our operation through our know-how on overseas businesses such as business establishment geared toward the appropriate target group, creation of appropriate products, management of local staff and more.